Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital opens in Northern Israel

Eyal Ofer

The opening of the new Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital, the most advanced facility of its kind in the country, was made possible thanks to a major founding donation from the Eyal Ofer family. The 9,000-square meter, nine-story facility sets a new standard in cardiac care, providing every cardiac treatment option – all under one roof.

A large audience attended the opening ceremony of Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital, which took place on Thursday June 2nd, 2022 at Rambam Health Care Campus, one of Israel’s most advanced medical centers and the largest hospital in Northern Israel. The new Heart Hospital will house Rambam’s cardiology and cardiac surgery services as well as facilities for research, medical development, innovation, and training in cardiac medicine.

Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital promotes medical innovation and is a sign of good things to come for the residents of Northern Israel.

The state-of-the-art heart hospital, built on Rambam’s western campus as part of Rambam’s “People First” vision, stands next to Joseph Fishman Oncology Center. Both facilities treat the leading causes of mortality worldwide. Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital will now replace the various cardiac units scattered throughout the Rambam campus in facilities that are, in some cases at least 80 years old.

Among the innovations in the new hospital are the use of trailblazing Philips technology in the catheterization suites to treat coronary artery disease and structural heart disease. With a single injection of a contrast agent and using rapid rotational movement of a camera around the patient, the technology can import 3D images from CT scans and, in real time, merge the data onto a catheterization screen. This system works alongside other modern technologies that have become part of the standard cardiac care at Rambam.

Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital is also expected to play a significant role in the field of clinical research and development, combining the strengths of Rambam’s researchers with other leaders in Israel and around the world to bring their therapeutic experience from the patient’s bed to the research laboratory in the advancement of medicine and medical innovation.

The establishment of Eyal Ofer Heart Hospital was made possible thanks to a major founding donation from the Eyal Ofer family through the Eyal and Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation, which supports health, education, and the arts. Through this donation, the Foundation is carrying on a multigenerational tradition of global philanthropy.

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